Hungry Onion's NJ page on Facebook/ Twitter

Hungry Onion New Jersey’s site on Facebook and Twitter- Please follow them and give them a share/ retweet some time so your friends will find their way here!

We got a new Twitter account. The old one got into problems with Twitter, for unknown reasons to me. New account URL is above. Follow it and retweet!!

I see only the old Twitter account URL.

Sampson, Thanks for letting us know about the Twitter change! However, clicking the URL you provided only brought me to my home page. To find the new account, I used the search function. Typing just HungryOnion_NJ brings it up. I’ve unfollowed the old and am now following the new account.

Hmmmph. Odd. I was able to get to the page with the link.

In any case, we are @HungryOnion_NJ