Hunan restaurants in NYC

Have you tried Hunan Manor, Lex & 39th? It has a pretty good reputation.

Appreciate the recommendation…I’ll have to see if the chef would prepare 擂辣椒茄子 (mashed eggplant and chilies; déjà vu, I mentioned that dish on CH a while back). What have you tried (and liked) at Hunan Manor?

I’m not the one to ask - I’ve only been there once, for lunch (and I can’t even remember what I had). But here’s an old but thorough report:

I went there for lunch too, once. Years ago. Pretty sure I used that same Lauhound post as a guide!

I can’t do an full review, but I Think that Hunan Bistro looks promising. While its neighbor, 2 doors down on 3rd Ave Han Dynasty had a waiting list for tables, Hunan Bistro was 1/2 empty. I did have a single dish, Shredded Pork With Smoked Bean Curd. While Sichuan dishes often combine heat with the numbing sensation of the Sichuan peppercorns, Hunan dishes offer straight heat. This dish had sliced green chilis. With the inner part of the chili exposed, you could see the seeds, the main source of heat. Some slices had no seeds & some were loaded w/seeds, so you could pick out the heat bombs and eat as is, or scrape some off, to match your preferences. Along with the thinly sliced, double cooked pork, were tofu skins, dried tofu, thin slices of garlic, scallions and the taste of ginger.

It was a tasty dish and I look forward to going back to explore the menu further.

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