Humphry Slocombe HK Milk Tea ice cream available at Whole Foods NorCal

A friend on Instagram posted a pic of Humphry Slocombe HK Milk Tea ice cream from Whole Foods and said it was on sale so I went to Whole Foods Fremont and got 2 pints. They are regularly $9.99/pint and sale price is $8.49/pint sale ends 5/30/17.

Ice cream is pretty sweet with mild tea flavor and some chewy almond cookie bits throughout. I liked it.

Grab a coupon from the customer service desk and get another $1 off. I got a coupon, though I haven’t seen the ice cream yet. A whole food worker I asked said he hasn’t seen it either.

I have my first pint today. I was not particularly happy about the texture.

Its not that it tastes bad. The ice cream itself has a decent milk tea flavor and I enjoy it enough when I am tasting the actual ice cream. But those almond cookie makes up an infuriatingly high proportion of the pint (or my pint?), to the extent that almost every bite there is a large chunk of said cookie. Good milk tea is velvety smooth, and a large amount of cookies chunks, large and small, destroy whatever smoothness there is in the ice cream. I know Melissa King is playing off the idea of tea and biscuits with Hong Kong being a former British Colony, but the texture, to me, would just be much better with 80% less of the cookie.

It reminds me of the idiom “draw a snake and add feet to it”.

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