Huge drop in Florida orange harvest

According to a CBS News report, this morning, this year’s Florida orange harvest is down by about 75% due to an insect called Greening. It’s causing smaller, misshapen fruit and killing trees in huge numbers. I guess this has been building for years. I’d never heard of it 'till now. Pretty devastating.

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It’s a disease carried by an insect. According to an NPR headline they are close to finding a remedy

Yes. The name ‘Greening’ sounds like something more sinister but, as I said, it’s an insect. According to CBS the remedy involves replacing the trees. That sounds like a very long range and expensive solution. Did you a different fix?

Excerpted from the link I posted

"Greening is spread by a tiny insect called a psyllid. "

"ED ETXEBERRIA: We have to find a way in which the antibiotics penetrate into the plant so they can act and cure the disease. So in this way, it’s where I come in with a laser machine.

GREEN: Exteberria developed a machine that uses lasers to pierce the leaves, making way for an antibiotic injection similar to a person getting a shot. He demonstrates a smaller version in his lab. A tractor will tow the machine through a grove while its six arms fire the lasers, deliver the antibiotic and seal the wounds with a waxy substance."

The article says they have also developed a tree through conventional breeding that is resisting to the disease but at this point it is only the one tree.

Thanks. The CBS piece showed a vehicle spraying something on trees but didn’t give it much credibility.

Lost 2 grapefruit trees. At least I saved the wood for the smoker

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They’ve been asking homeowners to not plant citrus until it’s under control.

It’s tragic to see a major industry(but based in family groves) decimated…the entire state is holding their breath that they find a cure and/or prevention.

And this is why California doesn’t let you bring fruits and vegetables into the state.

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Yes it is, but apparently the Florida critter came from China so not likely in a car or truck that might have been stopped at an inspection station.


Florida doesn’t either, officially but with so many viditors arriving by land, sea, and air, there is no way to catch it all.

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