[Hue, Vietnam] Duck salad from Phuong

Duck salad (gỏi vịt) from Phương, on Ngô Quyền was pretty tasty. The ducks were braised in a style similar to the Teochews (Chinese: 潮州人; Chaozhou people) of southern China.

The duck (which retailed for around VND300,000 or USD6.50 each) would, upon order, be deboned and finely-sliced.

The finely-sliced duck-meat, together with liver and gizzards, would then be stacked atop a bed of finely-shredded cabbage, banana blossom, Chinese lettuce leaves and fresh basil leaves. Crisp-browned shallots, pickled purple shallots and toasted peanuts would be sprinkled on top, before fish sauce dressing and a chili-vinegar sauce were spooned over the salad.

Topping the salad would be a dollop of minced, fresh chilis - the Hue people love their chilis.

The salad, served on a communal platter, would be tossed at the table by the diners themselves:

Quán ăn gỏi vịt Phương
1 Ngô Quyền, Huế, Vietnam
Opening hours: 3pm to 10pm daily


Nice with a cold beer.

Question: is there a separate price for foreigners? Some places have dual pricing system.

Not this place - it’s just too local! We have not ventured to the touristy Lê Lợi area yet (no plans to, either), so did not encounter any such dual pricing instances.

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Thanks. I hope they have made it illegal now. It’s one of the unpleasant experiences in some countries. Sometimes so unpleasant that we never want to return.

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I fully agree. I was overcharged every other day during my trip to Sri Lanka last year - it was a lousy feeling. A pity as I really liked the country.

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I need to visit Vietnam :star_struck:.

Covid-19 is really messing up my travel plans for the year :mask:

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