Hudson Valley Wine and Chocolate Festival :Patterson, NY

I just won tickets to this event for tomorrow. Has anyone ever been? Is it worth the hour drive for me? Any tips?

I’ve never been, but it sounds intriguing! Please report back if you do go!

Well I went to the festival and it was great, if you are into finger lake region wines. I find them overly sweet and bland. I got there at 11am and it was packed. by the time I left at 2, the place was mobbed. There were lots of 20 somethings all asking for the watermelon wine or whatever else was overly sweet. (hangover!)

I did happen to find some really good spirits: KAS (spiced honey liqueur) and really nice single malt (Hillrock Estates). There were cookies to die for from Cardoso Cookies (CIA grad) and some good cheese spreads from Wordlings Pleasure. I also bought handmade soaps from Periwinkles at Rhinebeck.

For lunch there were 4 food trucks outside. My friend and I tried the Empanda Sonata Truck. They were good, but on the dry side. I didn’t know I had to purchase a sauce for extra, they should have asked when we didn’t order one. Prices were fair: 4 empanda’s and an order of tostones was $29.

Overall there were 45 vendors and plenty to drink and sample. Toward the end I stopped drinking, all the sweetness was turning my stomach. I like the dryer wines and did sample all that were suggested, but they all ended up being on the sweeter side.(I’m a Chianti drinker)

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What was included in your ticket? The food and booze?

Yes, a tasting glass and samples of food. Mostly chocolate and cakes/cookies. A few oils and cheeses. Not meal worthy.