Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks - Spring 2020 - 3/16-3/29

By popular demand, I am creating the thread here even though there is a discussion already on the other board.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back! I had planned to be in Asia for all of March and miss it, but thanks to the Coronavirus I will be around for (mixed blessing, I guess). It seems like a lot of places have their menus out early, which is a pleasant surprise. Maybe the new management at Valley Table actually said something to restaurants this time.

Last time, we had a great meal at Maria in New Rochelle and will be returning. Also enjoyed The Cookery, as usual. I did not enjoy my meal at Dubrovnik, but my wife enjoyed hers so I guess it was just what I ordered. If you’re further north, we had a really nice meal at Ship Lantern Inn up in Milton (Ulster County).

Here’s the list of places they’re showing as new to HVRW on the website ( Some have participated in the past (like Parlor and Village Social). Cookied & Co.'s menu is up and looks interesting. They are also adding 3% for kitchen staff a la David DiBari and there menu looks a bit similar to his places although I don’t think he has any involvement. I’d like to see Willow’s menu, although it is quite a trek up to Rhinebeck. Also of note up there is Gigi, which I don’t think has ever participated before.

1839 Restaurant & Bar – Washingtonville
Bixby’s Derby - Monticello
Black Rock Kitchen - Croton-On-Hudson
Cooked & Co. - Scarsdale
Enzo’s Restaurant – Mamaroneck
Gigi Trattoria - Rhinebeck
Goosefeather at The Tarrytown House Estate - Tarrytown
La Camelia Restaurant - Mount Kisco
Maple & Rose - Mamaroneck
MiNi’s Latin Fusion - New Rochelle
Oak & Reed - Middletown
Orange Hill Global Bistro - Newburgh
The Parlor - Dobbs Ferry
Patsy’s Roadhouse - Hopewell Junction
Savor Ristorante & Bar - Mahopac
Sette e Venti – Bedford Hills
Telly’s Taverna - Port Chester
Tipsy Taco Bar - Mount Kisco
Titan Steakhouse -Mahopac (where Dish used to be)
Travelers Rest - Ossining
Via Forno - Scarsdale
Village Social Kitchen & Bar - Mount Kisco
Village Social Rye - Rye
Willow by Charlie Palmer @ Mirbeau - Rhinebeck

I’ll post the rest of my plans in a reply.

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You’re the best, MisterBill!! Thank you! Looking forward to your plans!

Yes, that’s a bit far just for dinner! But, I am a huge fan of Charlie Palmer’s restaurants and am thinking of an overnight trip up there to try it.

I’ve never heard of Black Rock Kitchen. Have you been?

I currently have reservations for Kittle House (I have an Opentable voucher I need to use there), The Cookery, La Camelia and Maria, although I need to change the last one since we were supposed to go with my daughter and she can no longer go on Saturday.

I’m currently looking for someplace that does lunch/brunch on a Sunday (Maria is closed). I have not enjoyed The Cookery for weekend brunch the last couple of times I went there for HVRW (dinner is excellent, although they have cut back on their HVRW menu this time). I am considering 273, The Rare Bit and Eugene’s. Has anyone been to any of these? I ate at Rare Bit shortly after they opened and was not impressed but many things have changed since then. I’m more impressed with Eugene’s dinner entree choices than lunch. And I have no idea about 273 (or if they’re even doing HVRW lunch on Sunday despite what the HVRW site says). Any suggestions?

Went to 273 with another couple not long after they opened and had an okay experience, not great. Some time later husband and I went alone and had a sufficiently unhappy experience (both food and service) that we made a joint decision to give up on it. But they are still there and some people seem fine with it. If you do go i’ll Be interested to here your opinion. Both experiences were dinner.

Thanks I emailed Village Social in Rye to see what they have on their menu and to verify that they are doing Sunday lunch.

Another possibility is Lusardi’s in Larchmont, which we’ve been to a couple of times for a dinner from a financial firm I do business with and have found to be pretty decent. I’m looking for somewhere down-county since my daughter is coming from Long Island.

La Camelia has become iffy again. Sometimes good, sometimes not so much. I remember your were underwhelmed with The Rare Bit but they have totally changed their games since DiBari gave it up. looking forward to your reviews

That’s too bad about La Camelia. We haven’t been there for years, was last there for something from work. I hassled them on Instagram last fall because they used the #HVRW tag but were not participating, so I figured I should try them this time now that they’re finally doing it. But I could certainly push it back to the second week and see if there are any posts about it. Then I could move Maria’s to Friday.

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