Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Spring 2019 -- March 11 thru 24

It’s that time again. The list just went live here and some menus are posted. I said I wasn’t going to post here as well as the other site but the other one is also dead, so maybe this will get some activity.

The most interesting addition (for me) is Bona Bona Ice Cream in Port Chester. They only serve ice cream so I was confused about their addition. I asked them on FB and was told “3 courses dessert. Will release menu closer to restaurant week.” Certainly sounds interesting, although I can’t see myself spending $33 for a meal consisting only of desserts.

I had a nice meal at Winston in Mt. Kisco last time but sadly I don’t like their entree choices this time so I will pass. But if they work for you, I’d suggest trying them. We’ve always gone to Valley in Garrison but their menu last time didn’t wow me and the meal wasn’t as great as in the past. Maria in New Rochelle has a nice menu and I’ve read good stuff about them online so maybe we’ll go there.

One restaurant that is new to HVRW is Hudson Valley Steakhouse in Yorktown (terrible location across across from BJ’s on 202, behind an empty lot that is currently being used as a staging area for pipeline construction in the area). They are very expensive (they do not list prices on their website) so I’m curious to try them. I had a chance to go there for a free meal if I attended a presentation for cemetery plots, but never got around to RSVP’ing (I’m happy to go to the dinners from brokerage firms but this one was kind of strange). Their menu is posted on the HVRW site.

I’m also interested in seeing what Tauk in Armonk is offering. Sadly, Kitchen Sink in Beacon is apparently skipping HVRW again.

Please post your suggestions.

Hi Mr. Bill!! I used to work across the street from Tauk and was underwhelmed by what I saw. I,have never eaten there but the menu does not appeal to me and the space is tiny. Where the Cookery can get away with tiny space because of excellent food, it so much with Tauk. I e passed the steakhouse on my way to BJs. They’ve lasted about a year now, I think. I’d be interested to try.

Thanks for posting here!!!

I made a reservation at The Rare Bit…can’t wait to try it!


Yeah, I guess it’s a good time to try it. I’m not really excited by their menu and would need to see the RW menu before wanting to go. On the other hand, I know there is always lots of stuff to eat on The Cookery’s menu.

Their HVRW menus are posted on their website. It doesn’t look bad so I think I’ll try them for lunch.

Oh my - I think I am drooling over that picture of the rib roast! And it’s on the HVRW menu! I’d pay the supplement for that!! Amazing!

Yeah but a $15 supplement really seems excessive. Of course I don’t know what the regular price is.

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True. But it looks so good! Off topic, but the Valley steak house has finally posted prices on their menu. Pretty standard steakhouse prices, which means… ca-ching.

Yes, but at least people won’t be surprised when they get there (other than the location, that is).

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The Cookery posted their HVRW menus. They’re also doing a 10th Anniversary special for the same $32.95 the week before. We are going for brunch and dinner. Looking forward to the fried chicken (which is only on the brunch menu).

Oh my! I’ll bet that will be fantastic!

Yes, it was pretty good :slight_smile: They used to have it on the dinner menu for HVRW but stopped a while ago. It’s on their brunch menu but the regular $38 price for brunch doesn’t work for me, especially since the passed sides are generally stuff I can’t/won’t eat. You can’t really tell from the photo, but I think it was served in a metal bucket.

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Even the pickles look great!

Aaaargh - bright green is not a pickle (lol)
It’s gotten very hard to find a good (full sour) pickle. The only ones I still find are the full sour at citarella. But the chicken does look good. I still miss poultry time in wykagyl!

So, where’s everyone planning to go? I was thinking of doing Macarthur’s at West Point, their menu seems interesting. But the reviews on Opentable are very mixed (although many complain about the high prices, which is obviously not a factor here.

I did notice that a number of places that have never posted their menus on the HVRW site are up this year. I could take credit for my constant complaining but I doubt that was it. However, The Cookery and The Rare Bit have theirs on the HVRW site as well as Zero Otto Nove, whose menu I’ve never seen before, even on their own site Kittle House is still MIA, even on their own site. (which still has their Valentine’s Day menu up).

Clocktower Grill in Brewster has a decent lunch menu, I was thinking of living them another try although I wonder if it’s worth it given that I have been disappointed in the past. I still need to make a reservation at Hudson Valley Steakhouse in Yorktown.

Please let us know how that place is. I haven’t heard one thing about it.

I’ve read some good stuff about them in their reviews but at least some of them were friends/family, at least in the beginning.

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Bona Bona Ice Cream has their menu up. I am underwhelmed and it’s of marginal value if they always charge the lunch price of $22.95 and you’d have to be crazy to pay the $32.95 dinner price for it. You apparently don’t even get full size choices. The pint of ice cream is likely the best value (assuming it goes for around $10).

The problem with restaurant week is the prices are not a great deal. Both the lunch and dinner prices, while not outrageous, are high enough that I would want to be sure of a good meal. To me it just doesn’t induce me to try a new place. Unfortunately, their aren’t too many places near me that tempt me - in or out of restaurant week.

That is a valid point. I do look at that when selecting somewhere to go for HVRW and try to avoid ordering the cheap stuff since you could end up paying the same (or more) than you would at regular price. I was actually looking at Sofrito in White Plains for lunch, but i realized that their prices were very reasonable so I could probably eat there for $23 normally. In Stamford, they do multiple price points for their RW. Good news is some places are cheaper. Bad news is sme are more expensive than $33.

Bona Bona should be commended for participating in HVRW but the idea of going there for $23 (or worse, $33), for that menu of mini portions is just ridiculous. The least they could do is bring in Colony Pizza as one of the courses. They do that for parties held there (I noticed it on their website).