Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Spring 2016 - March 7-20

It seems like no one has started a thread, so I’ll do it (and I must say that I am pleased to find this site). Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is coming up in March. The list of restaurants is on their site:

Campagna at the Bedford Barn is participating for dinner this year, Monday-Thursday (the website says Sunday as well, but it’s wrong). The Inn at Pound Ridge claims to be doing early dinner but I haven’t checked to see if it’s correct (last time the site also said this and was wrong). We had a very unpleasant experience at The Inn last time. We went for lunch and my daughter asked to have her entree leftover packed up and was told that they could not do it because it was a special priced meal. Fortunately someone came over and said that they would do it before I managed to find a manager to complain to. Still, it left a base taste in my mouth and I wouldn’t go back. It was one of those things that make me understand why many people hate Restaurant Week. Fortunately, we’ve had much better experiences at most of the places we’ve eaten at over the years.

We’ve had great HVRW experiences at North, the CIA (American Bounty and Bocuse), X and X2O, Cafe of Love, Crave, Valley, Crabtrees Kittle House and The Cookery.

They changed the HVRW website this year and not for the better. It’s much more difficult to find what days restaurants participate and if there are any exclusions, you need to click on the restaurant link to see what they are (and find it on the cluttered page). I predict that many people click on the link (especially when there is an Opentable link to make reservations on the main page) and will show up on days that the restaurant is not participating and be angry. I would love to hear from others on whether they agree.

I usually am on top of a Friday night reservation at Rivermarket as soon as reservations open but I was too late this year. The menu looks pretty similar to the one in November, anyway. We’ll be at Kittle House-- we really enjoyed it for RW last time.

Welcome Mr. Bill!!! Glad to,have you here.

This thread was pathetic on CH!

Welcome, Ice Cream!!!

I keep forgetting about Rivermarket. Do you still like it? Have you been to Half Moon? Friends want to go and I’m not sure if I should suggest a different place.

Nice to see more and more people here from CH, Gwenn.

I gave rich a pointed directive to this place from your post on the ugly app thread, I hope he uses it and joins us here. If the PTB (me being polite) don’t delete it, that is.

I’ll have to check it out. They never deleted mine, so you never know.

Kittle House just posted their menu, it wasn’t there last night. Looks pretty decent to me.


I think that is more about the view than the food, same as when it was Chart House.

I am sooo excited about Kittle House now after seeing the menu! Thanks Misterbill! I like that they have a bunch of choices and they’ve definitely changed it up since November. Can’t wait!

My wife had the lobster bisque last time and really enjoyed it. I think I had the cavatelli and it was a huge portion and also excellent.

THanks for reaching out to me!! Posting on chowhound was like calling into an empty abyss!

It was totally selfish!! I missed you!!

My husband has had it with Kittle House. Last experience was not good. We went to the Tap Room as usual and they stuck us at a terrible table and the waiter could barely speak English. We asked what wines they had by the glass and he said red and white - really - at Kittle House.The food was really good but he’s done.

I’m always shocked at how lackluster/amateurish the service is at Kittle House, considering how nice a place it is. The manager did stop by a couple of times on our last HVRW visit, which was unusual. And the food was excellent.

Yes, it really is. Although there are a few servers who are good. But the last time - the table they put us at and refused to change, except for a worse one was very hard to deal with. I don’t know if my husband will give it another chance. I miss my sliders!

I know, the service at Kittle House really leaves a lot to be desired. We tolerate it because we like the food and atmosphere so much. The thing about the waiter with the wine is completely ridiculous. Did he offer to get someone to help you? When we went, my husband had some questions about the beer list (he is a huge beer snob and Kittle House’s list is very respectable so you’d think they’d train the waiters to know something, anything, about the beer!) and the waiter couldn’t answer them but at least he went to get someone else to help. Even that person couldn’t help so I think the manager ended up coming over to us.

You turned us on to the Tap Room! Yes, there were a few waiters standing around and one came over and helped. I still love the food. I hope I can get my husband to give it another shot!

A bunch of new menus have been posted, X, X2O and Crave. X2O is pretty standard but X is much different from their normal HVRW menu. I’m going to be cancelling my Crave reservation, since there isn’t really anything that I would eat (I don’t do beef, pork or shelllfish) and my wife is happy not to go up to POK two days in a row (we are doing lunch at American Bounty the first Saturday). We’ll do The Cookery on the Sunday were were planning to do Crave, and I made a reservation for Kittle House the night we had planned to do Cookery. More convenient, since I’m in Yorktown and won’t have to drive down to Dobbs Ferry on a weeknight.

251Lex and 273Kitchen seem to have interesting menus. The latter is extremely hard to read thanks to their big logo in black and odd choice of lime green lettering for the menu items.

Cafe of Love says they’ll have their menu next week. Campagna told me yesterday that they’re still working on it (I don’t think the person appreciated my asking again since she had told me that she would send it when it was available). The HVRW site still says that they are not participating Friday-Saturday, but Campagna says they’re also not doing Sunday. That’s going to be a LOT of fun for people who make reservations and then can’t get the HVRW menu when they show up! I can imagine the Opentable reviews now!

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