Hudson Valley NY Restaurant Week - November 9-22, 2020

HVRW is back again starting Monday. We’re not doing indoor dining yet but the weather is supposed to be really nice next week so eating outdoors might not be bad, especially if the restaurant has heaters.

Not gonna bother with a big post like I did for the last one that never happened, here is the link to the website with the restaurant list –

One restaurant whose menu is not posted there but has it on their website is Maria’s and it looks great. I just made a reservation for lunch on Monday.

Not sure where else to eat. The Rare Bit’s menu looks good. Has anyone eaten there lately? The Cookery’s menu isn’t as complete as it has been in the past. If anyone goes there, please post if there are specials in addition to these limited choices.

Welcome back, MisterBill!! Thanks for the post. Maria’s has a nice menu and it looks great!! I need to try it. I have had porcini fries that were great. They have eggplant fries.

Yes, the eggplant fries are our list to order, also the Brussels (the cauliflower fritters are also excellent). My wife isn’t thrilled about their entrée choices, but I’m sure that the mushroom ravioli will be fine, and she’s OK with that. And they have outdoor dining.

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Since the weather is still supposed to be excellent on Tuesday, I decided to try La Camelia in Mt. Kisco. Haven’t been there in decades but I hassled them for tagging #HVRW on Instagram a year ago when they were not participating, and they apologized and said that they would do it the next time, and they have. So I figure I owe it to them, plus they have an extensive menu for restaurantweek. Plus they have heated outdoor dining, although the heated part may not be needed on Tuesday.

I had considered going to The Cookery for dinner, as we always do, but I’m really not thrilled with their options. We’d end up ordering stuff that would not be our first choice and would not save very much money over just going there and ordering à la carte. That is definitely not how their HVRW has worked there in the past when you’ve basically had your choice of most of the menu. If anyone does go there for HVRW, please post what they are offering.

121 Restaurant menus are on their site. They switch menus the second week so this is only the first week.

121 has nice outdoor heated seating and they have put plexiglass up on the sides of thier large terrace for additional heated seating.

So i find it amusing that GretchenS (site admin?) decided to change the title of this post to add NY, even though the event is actually called Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, without the NY, and we’ve never had NY in the thread title before. Was someone confused? Is there a Hudson Valley in CT? Since the post is in the NY/CT board, so I don’t see where there would have been any confusion.

Well, they never bothered putting the second week’s menu on their website, so we didn’t go.

We did have a really nice lunch at Zero Otto Nove, on a par with Maria.

I don’t know who she is. She is not a NY mod

I’m surprised. I 'm not a fan of that place. But I only went once.

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