Hudson Farmer and the Fish Sleepy Hollow NY

My husband and I tried to go here last night. I felt I gathered enough info to post on it separately from the other thread.

First of all. The parking situation here is absolutely absurd. I assume they are going to remedy this but it should have been addressed prior to opening. They have about 20 or so non-resident spaces, ALL of which are for compact cars only. Those of you in Westchester know that Westchesterites in general do not favor compact cars so these massive SUVs were crammed into compact car spaces and it was basically a free for all. Since we actually do have a compact car we managed to squeeze into a tiny space next to a POD storage unit. Already we were annoyed and we weren’t even inside yet.

We walked up to the restaurant and thought we had the wrong door since there wasnt even an alcove or place to stand, but no, there was the POS machine and a very harried hostess, literally at the bar with about 6 inches of space between her and the first bar seat. The place was jammed after 8 pm and had a 45 minute wait. I saw two seats at the bar and asked if they were available and she mysteriously said, “Yes, but for someone else.” Ok then. Since the bar was packed and there is just a narrow aisle behind it there was nowhere to wait. People were outside waiting but what are they going to do in January? She didn’t offer to take our name because by then another couple had come in behind us, also with nowhere to stand so we just left.

I was so aggravated I didn’t even look at the menu.

Edited to add. We ended up at Santorini which was fantastic. I’ll post separately.

Sounds awful! I don’t do well in cramped spaces, so not for me!!

I really hope this no reservations thing is just for their opening because the setup of this place is just terrible for walk-ins.

Is the one in Purdy’s no reservations too?

Good question. I don’t know. I’ve only been there once for lunch.

Ugh. I have been looking forward to this opening but we’ll have to wait until the rush is over and they have a reservation policy in place.

That is awful! I hope they get their act together. I know their Purdy’s location has such a loyal following (I’ve never been) but it looks like the Sleepy Hollow staff is resting on their laurels here. :frowning:

Its near my home and every time I pass if they’re open they are packed.

Forgive me if you reviewed it already - Have you been? Is it worth it?

How was the food?

Restaurant officially opened on 10/13. How about giving it a few weeks before the reviews… and you didn’t even eat there.

No, I have never eaten there. Not a fish eater and, though they do have a couple of non-fish items, I hear its very noisy and its way to crowded for me. We did have breakfast there, though during the power outage following Hurricane Sandy. They had a generator and graciously opened for breakfast so that those of us in the area who were affected could warm up and eat a hot meal. I will never forget that.


I very clearly stated in the beginning of my post that I didn’t have a meal here. I chose to start a new post since there was interest in this restaurant and I didn’t want to clog up the “openings/closings” thread with this information. Since I know there was interest, I figured people would want to know these two things. I know that I for sure wish I didn’t drive all the way to Sleepy Hollow to find a parking lot that was a disaster and a long wait without any space to wait in. They are certainly not hurting for my business given how crowded it was. I hope that someone goes and reports back soon since I was really looking forward to trying it!


[quote=“ieatalotoficecream, post:12, topic:11296”]
find a parking lot that was a disaster

The parking lot in Purdy’s is also awful. It is not paved - it’s dirt. If it’s raining prepare to be muddy.