Hudson Cafe.........Atlantic Highlands NJ

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For the record I was a big fan of Chef Ryan Stubbe back in his Piccolo Italia days (Ocean Township), position he left approximately 6 years ago. I knew he had opened this cafe, I just rarely thought about taking the drive out to the Atlantic Highlands for breakfast, however after stopping into Piccolo for a nightcap after our latest HOdown, I was reminded I was long overdue to pay Hudson a visit.

Went Sunday morning arrived around 11:30 am and there was a slight wait for a table for 4. Thankfully it was a lovely day so the 10-15 minutes wasn’t a bother in the beautiful sun with a cool breeze off the water. We were seated, greeted and served a coffee which I ordered and it was a dam good cup of joe. So much so I noticed they roast their own coffee (off location) and apparently sell it for home consumption!

Anywho…I got the Ryan Hungry Omelette advertised made with 4 eggs, well these must be 4 eggs from that steroid chicken from the internet (If you haven’t seen this video google “steroid monster chicken” right now and see for yourself…SCARY!!) It was stuffed with e with Chorizo, Smoked Sausage, Bacon, Cheddar, Monterey Jack Cheese, holy mother of God good. Also the smoked sausage was friggin delicious.

There was another omelette, chocolate chip pancakes and banana bread french toast. Yes, you read that correctly BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST!!! What a creation!!

Anyway…here’s a link if you are in the mood for something other than your standard diner fare for breakfast give this place a try.


looks like a cool place, AH is coming together as a nice little culinary destination…between that and Fresh in highlands they have quite a Piccola alumni association going on over there…

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I hear really good things about this place and still haven’t been. I’m not a huge breakfast guy but that carnivorous assortment of protein sounds might tasty jr!

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Yeah I’m definitely not a destination breakfast kind of guy but this is the type of place that becomes the exception to the rule. Similar to Committed Pig in Squan, I like going to their breakfast too.