[Huế-Vietnam]- Craft beer recs needed.

(Chris) #1

I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh city and there are plenty of options. However I will be in Huế for my birthday and would like some decent beer. Not finding much . Any leads gratefully received. Bonus points if somewhere does a good porter.

(Peter) #2

Sorry, I don’t have any leads for craft beer in Hue, but would like to send advance birthday greetings to you. :grinning:


Like you, in Saigon, this summer we can find many craft beer. But Hué is less cosmopolitan, so I wonder too. We had been there on 2008, we didn’t see a lot of choice except local stuff, I’m sure now it’s getting better 10 years after. Maybe in doubt buy the beer in HCMC and head over to Hué. Happy birthday!!

(Anti Everything :@)) :@)) ) #4

I have check Ratebeer’s listing for Hue but looks like it’s a beer wasteland there. Why don’t you get a bottle of imported wine instead? Not Vietnamese “wine”. I drank it in Phu Quoc on christmas together with a Scottish pensioner who lived on a houseboat in Nottingham. It was the most disgusting thing we ever drank!

It should get better in Hanoi, beer-wise. As does the weather (seasons are in reserve).

(Chris) #5

@klyeoh and @naf. Thanks for your birthday wishes and a very happy Xmas and new year to you both.

(Chris) #6

Thanks for the info. I’de assumed that wine would be available in Vietnam and I wil be in Hoi An for Xmas so will probably have some nice wine then. I’ll get my beer fix in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.