HSP La Cabane Paris 16

Anyone knows please if this place on Mozart Av. is working currently and operating this month ? Plan was to pass there on Sunday noon end of April but from March i think, it shows temporarily closed on google, so maybe i should look for another informal Sunday wine+small plates option in 16 area ? or 8 area where we are supposed to be heading after Marmottan Monet on route to Dior exhibition ? :slight_smile: Thx for any info…

HSP La Cabanne does indeed seem to be temporarily closed. The nearby main place, Huîtres et Saumons, does still seem to be open thought.

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Thanks, indeed saw that, but i think it is closed on Sunday, a bit confusing on their website, the 3 different places… Google shows as if they have some takeout option today, will try to understand what it is, Thx !

You’re right – sorry. I guess it’s the labor shortage; lots of places that used to be open on Sunday no longer are, and the western end of the city seems especially bad for Sundays. Les Marches is still open on Sunday but is not exactly small plates; you could order some entrées and the wine list is more than decent. Girafe seems to be open on Sundays – I’ve been meaning to try it, but so far haven’t made it there. Also RadioEat has brunch from 12h-16h on Sunday – I’ve never been but John Talbot was positive pre-pandemic.