Hoy Wong? [NYC]

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations regarding Hoy Wong? I’ve passed by the place dozens of times? The first time I really paid attention was when they closed for sanitation violations in January. I assume they’ve cleaned up since. Great NY Noodletown has been closed umpteen times, but I wouldn’t miss a meal there during a visit to the city.

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Well, Probieren geht über Studieren, as they say in German, roughly translated as “experience tops theory,” so we tried Hoy Wong for a late Saturday night dinner after a big lunch. They have a large menu, but specialize in roast meats. We have eaten roast meats often at Great NY Noodletown, and those at Hoy Wong, albeit based on a single experience, are equally good. The roast duck was some of the best we’ve ever had. They offered a mix platter with samples of all their offerings: Roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, roast pork, and roast cuttlefish (sepia). Everything was good and the duck was exceptional. It was far better than Wai Wai in Boston that we had tried a week earlier.

I ordered a noodle dish with the meats instead of rice. This turned out to be a mistake. I was expecting crisp noodles, but they were a bit too oily. We ate up all the cuttlefish, this being the first time I had ever noticed it on the menu of a Chinese roast meat place, and about half of the rest. We had them pack up the leftover meats and noodles, and we gave them to a homeless guy not far from our hotel. He responded with, “Thank you and God bless you!”

We’ll visit Hoy Wong again.

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Thanks for the report! Will have to try it soon.

Hope you like it!

As an aside, Hoy Wong probably has the best illustrated menu ever put on the internet. Should be used as a reference point for anyone wanting to know what they might be ordering/eating:

Google Maps reports that Hoy Wong is permanently closed. Their website is no longer active.

I don’t know what the situation is, but Google Maps is now showing Hoy Wong as open. If it is open, we’ll surely go again, if we can ever get to Manhattan again!

It appears that the restaurant that Google Maps shows you if you search for Hoy Wong is actually a new place, called Hay Hay Roasted. It appears to have the same menu that Hoy Wong used to have. A reincarnation, so it seems.