Hows the Thanksgiving shopping going?

With apologies to Harters and naf (since they don’t have a holiday to shop for) – how’s it going checking off your list? Did you get everything done? What’s left? What was your local store out of?

Is your area an utter madhouse, or will that be what happens on Wednesday?

I did almost all of my shopping today – and it was a zoo. Everyone was in a pretty good mood with the holiday coming (plus the weather was warm and humid, so nobody scurrying from cars to store) but it was crowded.

Put off the final grocery shop until 6:30 tonight, and was nearly the only soul shopping in my small-town Publix. Managed everything but some star anise, but I’ll pick that up later (NOT Wednesday!) Have to pick up my bird at the butcher’s on Tuesday, but have everything else laid in. Happily took stock of the freezer this morning (pun semi intended) – and found 16 cups of stock lurking in the bottom of the bin, plus a package of turkey necks and giblets from the butcher’s sale bin, so I’m in good shape.

My local Reasor’s was packed all day. I was there to pick up a few things then had to go back when I decided to make some chili for tomorrow. Beef cubed, onion, garlic, dried poblanos, cumin, oregano, chili powder. I call it Ft Worth style chili. No tomatos or beans. simmered slowly for a couple of hours.

i didn’t have to get a lot for the holiday – just some chicken for the chicken-pecan-cranberry pate and roasted and peeled chestnuts for the chocolate-chestnut cake i’m bringing to friends.

so, i stopped by the past day of the farmers market, where i got a stalk of purple brussels sprouts for a decoration. then it was off to the supermarket, which for a saturday morning wasn’t awful, for the chicken, chestnuts and a few other items to get me through the week. then i had to make one more stop at a small meat market to get a package of chicken feet to add to the carcass when i make the post-holiday stock.

Canadian Thanksgiving is very low-key, and here in Québec, practically non-existent. A day off. Since that makes a long weekend, probably more people than usual will have friends or relatives over for supper, but any day that weekend, and any type of food they want to serve. Since it is the autumn (in October, not November) this may well be game, and autumnal vegetables, but there is no set menu. The real groaning board event in Québec “les Fêtes” (the year-end holidays) with high points around Christmas and New Year’s, though the food and drink fest can begin earlier and end later. One important food served then is the tourtière, a meat pie that was traditionally game, but often pork or other farm-reared meat nowadays. There has been a return to game pies (I make a couple of duck tourtières) and there are also vegetarian versions (I also make at least one of those for vegetarian guests).

As for turkey, I only like the dark meat, and it is better braised than roasted:

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***** a riff on coq au vin – a perennial favorite chez Sunshine.

Love braised turkey thighs. I skip the legs, though.

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Finished up with the last of the bits today – for those who live in the southeast, don’t overlook the Badia spice display in the Latin foods aisle – the herbs (dried) have always been very fresh and fragrant IME, and considerably cheaper than McCormick. Plus, you can buy small sachets of a wide variety for less than $1 – I paid 63 cents each today for a small sachet of allspice berries and another of star anise – stuff I need for a recipe, but really, REALLY don’t need a 6-ounce jar sitting in my cupboard.

Yes, it depends on what is available where you live. Recently my favourite place to buy them here has the turkey thighs at exactly the same price as the drumsticks or whole legs, making that choice obvious because there aren’t all the tiny bones or sinews to pick out.

And of course the ideal (and historical) fowl for moles and other Mexican and Central American dishes.

Unfortunately i had to go to whole foods, there were a few items I needed that I haven’t found at other stores… WF is a hot mess of crazy most weekends and today was definitely extra busy but the lines are well organized at the columbus circle location and i escaped with my sanity in tact :)) I’m attending a celebration at my friends’ and will have to make a stop for fresh produce either tues pm or wed to get the rest of what i need

I am being invited. I am going to make the dressing/stuffing. I have I have everything I need for it. I should be ok.

I am invited . Every year I look forward to this . On the coast above Fort Bragg . Eating ,foraging , drinking . Shopping is going great . Just have to stop at Navarro on the way for a half case of red .

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I only bring the cranberry and a a good bottle of wine. The wine is for the night before, the day of its cheap stuff for the crowd. Today Wegman’s in Cherry Hill was packed but not a total madhouse I was actually surprised. Moore Brothers had a healthy crowd but nothing too crazy picked up a nice Pinot Noir to bring im set

I actually spotted a recipe for Spiced Cranberry Sangria over at the old playground…I’m going to make it, strictly for quality control, of course.

Thank you, lagatta, that is a wonderful suggestion, and one I never thought of. Our Thanksgiving is just the two of us this year and Mr Rat may have to go to work part of the day so it would be great to have something along the line of a braise that will reheat well. We also only like the dark meat and I love the idea of a turkey coq au vin. We were also planning to do some savory pies anyway since we like them and I will investigate tourtieres, also new to me - one of my best friends is Quebecois but (sssh!) one of the planet’s worst cooks so she will not be much help. Thanks for your post.

and it is really, really delicious.