How was the HO down, you ask

Well, we were a small group (4) but animated! We went to Village Social in Mt. Kisco. We have “known” each other for years between CH and HO and it was fun to meet in person. Foodwise, we stuck to basics. First they brought out this wonderful, crusty bread, soft on the inside and warm, with garlic oil for dipping. For mains we had grilled cheese with short rib, on that same bread only soaked in butter, chopped salad and wild fish tacos. We got to know each other for real and it was great fun. We also kicked around some ideas for the site, one being the open/closed thread and another, and what do you all think, of meeting up in the middle somewhere with other nearby locations, like NJ and really develop the community feel.

Next Ho-down we promise to throw out several dates. We are thinking of a meeting up at farmers market, suggested by someone who was not at the lunch who has great ideas!! Keep them coming, everyone!


Thanks for reporting! I was wondering how things went!


Just wanted to chime in and say how much fun we had at our first NYS meetup. We had a blast chatting and getting to know each other. The others were so warm that I immediately felt comfortable and we had some great foodie and non foodie conversation! The meal was convivial and delicious to boot. There’s something on the menu for everyone and the service was accommodating.

Truly looking forward to the next meetup to meet more of our great members! It’s amazing how a something as simple as a love of food can link people together!

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No pictures??

Didn’t even think of it - holy smoke, getting old!

Doh! I know we missed something! Next HO-down for sure!

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