How to see newest posts first on thread?

Fellow member @isabellacat asked me how to see the newest posts first when in a thread? I don’t know. Can anyone help with an answer to this great question? Also tagging smarter minds than mine like @naf and @sck for guidance.

I don’t know either. But then I hate newest first, so I’ve never looked closely - it does my head in to see the answer and then have to go looking for the question.

Can’t see anything on the forum page or in my account’s personal preferences. Maybe it can’t be done, as such. But, when you reopen a thread that you’ve previously read, it’ll take you straight to the unread posts. Maybe that’s as good as it gets.


Thanks for sharing, @Harters. That’s the extent of my knowledge too.

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The software is sophisticated enough that it remembers the last post YOU viewed.
If you want to see the last post of the thread, click on the lower right box with the post count.


Hi @tomatotomato and @isabellacat

I’ve just update the tutorial.