How to make a reduced calorie cookie with panade, is it possible?

When I was a kid there was a show called Remington Steel. In one episode, the man who created the calorie-free chocolate chip cookie was murdered, and all these years later I still think about that cookie. It’s the Holy Grail, for me, anyway.

The other day I had some extra “de-watered” yogurt (think Greek yogurt) and on a whim I decided to use it place of butter in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. It was pretty good. Long story short, the tanginess from the yogurt really matches oranges and chocolate chips and I’ve made a few different batches with the expected cake like texture, but I wanna make it closer to gooey. Replacing the egg whites for yolks only takes me so far – and adds calories…

I wanted to pick your brains: Hokkaido Milk Bread is made tender and moist without added fat by making a “panade” of milk and flour, basically a thickened paste they fold into the flour with the rest of the liquids. Has anyone here ever used such a method in cakes, cookies or other confections? Any thoughts of what might happen if used in cakes and cookies?