How to make a cracking fresh ceviche at the beach

Ceviche has become a hot topic! I was lucky enough to come across three fishermen on the coast of Peru (the home of ceviche) and filmed them making a real survival style ceviche with freshly caught fish. This is almost an instructional video to get the real original flavor of Peruvian ceviche at it’s best, enjoy!


looked like a good time. do you know what type of fish that was?

Rocks as a cutting board…:roll_eyes:

Fun–and instructive video. Thank you for posting. @firewalker

Immune system booster right there!

Cool video man. How long have you been down there?

Hi Johnny! thank you for your kind comment! I grew up there in the 70’s and visit regularly. Oh… please be so kind and subscribe to our channel, that really helps our young channel. Thank you so much
best regards

these guys were incredible!!! I just had to film them… totally survival cuisine

Dear RedJim, thank you so much for your interest :slight_smile:

Hi Thimes, they are called Tramboyo in Peru, its some sort of rock fish, the meat was incredible