How to increase traffic from hounds in each of our locales to build regional boards?

I contacted a favorite food writer here on Long Island, who’s both contributed to CH and used it as a means of digging up good food stories, new food shops, restaurants and local dining issues, etc. She’s also someone whose tastebuds I’d follow anywhere. Let her know about this site and she’s keeping an eye on it for local content, so I asked if she might write about it on her food blog in Newsday. She hasn’t said yet.

That got me thinking about those of us in each city/town/region contacting the closest food journalists publishing in our areas to let them know we’re here and to encourage them to write about CH changes and our migration as a means to build what we once had.

Thoughts? Pos or neg, interested in all.


Hmm. Definitely an interesting suggestion.

Well, I’m a local food journalist, and I will mention this in my next column.


Well, just got a slightly menacing note from Marcela to “not let it happen again” wrt posting about the East Bay article mentioning this site. I mean, it’s been posted several times and left up. Apparently, the new regime also says not to share any mentions of other food sites, unlike the old CH mods, who were secure they had the best site with a secure future.

Food writers used CH for local intel, so any of you who have not done so, please send off an email to your local food journalists and reviewers about this being where most old time CHers are migrating to.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue to be allowed to ask long time CH acquaintances to email me at my profile addy, either.

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What a change of attitude.



Just sent the link to Marssy

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Please do, everyone! It was a local SFBA chowhound who alerted the East Bay Express author about the situation. We need the word to spread.

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What do folks think about making a post protocol that includes the specific locale on our regional board posts, the way we did on the other boards?

Especially now, while we have just large metro areas. We may have more localized boards in the future as we grow, I’d expect… It seems considerate not to entice everyone in your region to click on a post specific to a place way out of the way for them.

It’s clear that some regions are too broadly categorized here. My own regional board includes Philadelphia, DC and Baltimore. These are three separate regions that really don’t belong together. I live in Philly’s western suburbs and, unless I’m planning a trip to DC or Balto, I have little interest in the food and restaurant scene in those cities. I don’t see any reason to NOT separate these cities.

Something we can all do (except those Very Bad Seeds who got their own selfs banned) is to add to our “web site” profiles on CH… they leave it alone there. If everyone does it, folks will find it when they ask for the names of the new sites and we tell them we’re not allowed to post it.