How to grind coffee beans without a grinder? What is your ways?

How to grind coffee beans without a grinder ?

If you received a bag of coffee beans as a gift from your friends but you do not have a grinder as you always buy grounded coffee. What should you use to grind it?

Here is my 4 ways that utilize tools which you might easily find in your kitchen

  • Mortar and pestle
  • Blender
  • Rolling pin & a Ziploc bag
  • A hammer & a Ziploc bag

What is your way in this case??? PLEASE SHARE

I have a grinder but the bullet or blender work well if you carefully control the on switch and work in small batches to an even grind.


I recently tried the food processor for that task with less than great results. A blender might work better.


Yes, blender seem to work fine. However, We have to control it well. Tip is having a quick burst, then stop and repeat until you see the desired coffee grind size.

Exactly. As I said above.

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Alternative. Place a handful of the beans . Enough to make your coffee into a ziplock bag . Take your rolling pin , or a wine bottle and roll until your desired consistency.


Second the blender. It won’t work well , but it will work…

If you try either of those methods, please take and post a video…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sure, will upload video when I do it next time :grin:

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Until the covid issue, one could use the grinder at some of my local stores. The grinders are located “after” the checkstands, on the way to the exit.

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back in the day, I would crush with a hard cover book but I never found the grind even. What’s your secret? :grin:

Honestly, I’d bite the bullet and get a basic electric coffee/spice grinder. If you want to go back to ground coffee after you use up the whole beans, you can repurpose the grinder for spices alone after giving it a good clean.

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My secret is . I have only bought whole beans . Pre ground coffee to me me though effective is not the same .
I use the kyocera hand burr grinder . Around twenty bucks . I would use the rolling pin or wine bottle if that’s what it came to . I use my Bialetti 6 cup for brewing.

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