How to get banned from every Burger King in New Zealand...........................

It’s honestly not much of a story but I’m assuming it’s true. Not sure how you get banned from all fast food locations in a country but this family found out how. I guess the deportation helps enforce that they won’t be returning. (the second twitter pic of the child flipping the bird is classic) lol

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A shining example of my compatriots on holiday.


Ouch. I am so happy I got out of the “hospitality” biz some time ago.

I’m sorry Harters, but I’m glad for once it’s not an American family.


I’m mystified as to why they’d pick Burger King, of all places, to scam.
I suppose that’s why crooks are crooks.
Not the highest card in the deck.

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Apparently it wasn’t just BK - but they are the ones who put out a country wide ban . . .

Again with the pic of the kid!! (I’m assuming the same kid) What is with this kid? LOL

the “kid” - if you are referring to the heavier guy drinking a beer leaning on the car in the preview pic - is apparently the “spokesperson” for the family . . . . there are other actual kids (5-7 maybe) in some of the pics too. . . .

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Here in the States this behavior wouldn’t even make the news. I love how NZ takes a stand and makes it clear that their actions are unacceptable!

No, I’m talking about the actual “kid(s)”. In the first pic he was flipping the bird, then in the second article he seems to be approaching the person filming, in somewhat of an aggressive manner for a child. (unfortunately I’m at work and can’t listen to the video)

Definitely true. I’m sure I saw something in the British media a few days back.

What is genuinely surprising is that the family must be wealthy enough to have afforded the air fares (it is not at all cheap to fly UK - NZ - it’s probably the furthest you can get from here) and yet carry out petty scams. Perhaps they simply can’t help themselves.


The Dorans.

They are definitely part of the Romani or Roma, (i.e. “Gypsy”) clan of England. Also called “Travelers”.

We have them here in the US as well, but they seem to be more prevalent in the UK. I did some research trying to figure out who those strange people were who rented the house next door last September. Six people, six cars all with out of state plates from four different states with a dozen others coming and going all day and night. Never moved any furniture in, just pillows and backpacks.

Six large trash bags on the curb twice a week.

Suddenly in the second week in December there seemed to be some sort of council going on in the front yard and two hours later they were gone.


I’m 99% sure they were Roma and in researching them, I remember the name “Doran” is a common one.

They are a really interesting sociological study.

For example, fortune telling is still a common vocation and the practitioners are greatly respected in Roma communities. Not because they have special powers of course, but because they are able to support themselves by selling BS to the outsiders. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fun thread. I hope it keeps going!

I seem to remember a huge brawl reported on a Carnival Cruise ship in NZ waters that started when one of these fat asses took offense when someone behind him clipped his flip flop, trailing too close.

There was a long-running thread about this on another (non-food related) forum I participate on with frequent updates from a Kiwi with a rather wicked sense of humor. Apparently real news has been slow in that particular corner of DownUnder, so the local media (plus a couple of businesses known for humorous advertising) picked it up and were milking it for all it was worth. And then some (more like “and then quite a bit more”, actually…:wink:)

I follow a particular Tripadvisor forum for a Spanish holiday resort. Every year, there’s a thread about a large group of British/Irish “travellers” staying at a hotel and causing chaos (for staff and other guests). It is the younger members of the group who cause the chaos. The older members (parents, if you will) just sit there getting pissed out of their heads every day. Needless to say, they then get banned from that hotel and, the following year, simply book somewhere else.

Groups periodically appear in my neighbourhood. The cops says that crime increases when they are around. That said, travellers have to travel somewhere and I wish local councils were required to provide proper space for them (used to be the law to do so back in the day when my country gave a shit about such matters as giving this minority community some stability so that their kids could get education).

Unfortunately, when one’s experience of a community is second hand and negative, it’s probably easy to fall into the trap of stereotyping.

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That, and in this case, what seems to be a great Aus/NZ love of giving their ancestral homeland(s) a good dig in the ribs given the least excuse for it… My, er, correspondent (several generations a NZer but self-identified as an “ethnic Scots HIghlander”, so to speak) seems to finds the whole thing - but especially the exaggerated coverage and “outrage” expressed in the media - mostly hilarious…