How to find photos posted?

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Is there an easy way to find photos you have posted? I seem to have accidentally deleted one of my cats from my computer files and would like to copy it from when I posted it on HO. I’ve looked at the options listed when I am on my “page” but nothing jumped out.

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There’s probably a quicker way, but I think if you search your activity>replies for “add images,” you’ll get a list of all the posts you’ve made that include pictures. It worked for me, anyway.

ETA Actually, not that well. I got a couple of my pictures, but I think there are more.

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I tried that and a few variations without success. Thanks though!

Then I googled:

cat photo + meatn3

It was in some of the first results!



Oh! How about that. Glad you found a way!


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That is one thing that CH provided. You can just click on “Photos” when you are on your “page” and every photo you have posted is there. Not enough of an incentive to get me back though! :wink:

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Wow, that’s odd. Having done the same repeatedly, not once did close to even half of my photos display


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I may have been lucky since
a) I haven’t posted many photos
b) I was looking for just cats
c) my “name” might be unusual

Just a guess on my part!

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Thank you for responding, I was referring to CH :thinking:
But I agree, it would be nice to have a “working” feature like that
here, especially for me since I’m constantly losing my pics


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I just want to second this - it’s a needed feature. I miss it from Chowhound!

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