How to edit long after you post

I wanted to write a thread about a recent food vacation. However, it’s taking me too much time to gather and organize all my pics and thoughts. Is there a way an administrator can allow me to edit a post for, say, a month? Currently, I lose that ability after a few hours it seems.

I am thinking I will start with a post that outlines the places we visited, then have a post for each one of those places. As I find pics or remember things for places I already posted about, I want to be able to go back and edit those posts with the pics and/or comments. Is this possible?

I know some posters not only here, but on other boards, will put their post together in Word, then copy/paste it to the message board. That way you can write and edit it at your leisure.

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The problem with this idea is that users respond instantly. If you edit a month later early responders may look foolish :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe better to respond to yourself a month later?

Putting it all together into one post is overwhelming and responding to myself puts information for one subtopic in different places. But I guess this site is specifically intended to be a discussion board and I’m trying to force it to have blog functionality…

I guess I’ll just start and hopefully it’ll give me a better idea of what I should do next time.

Maybe you could get a (temporary) mod status. This way you can edit anytime.

I just start a thread and keep adding posts to it.

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Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I need to stop thinking about it and just start.

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Or just start a new thread for every place you visited, if it warrants a discussion on its own. then people who are looking for a specific place can then find your report and the ensuing discussions more readily consumable. And your master trip report thread can then link to these individual discussions.

Yes, that is what I do if I’m writing a long one

That seems like it’s more for your own record-keeping than for sharing information with others. Your post won’t show up as “unread” every time you edit it, so no one who’s seen the post already will know to re-visit it.

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