How to change username

Would like to change my user name. Don’t see a way to do that in my profile or preferences. Can you help?

What’s the reason for changing user name? Unless its a new user, we really do not encourage changing user names since other users will have a hard time following the posting history of a user.

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I prefer not to have my actual entire name shown!

Almost no one uses their entire name. I did not realize (back in 2015) that I could not change it and I’ve only used hungry onion a few times since then so it’s not as if a lot of history will be lost.

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If you are willing to change it, please use “stiv”

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Since you don’t have a history to track. Why not just sign up with your new handle?

Unless you just want to keep your status as a long time member, with 12 posts since ‘15.


Because my email address I already in use. I can’t just create a new account with the same email

I will try and change this account to an old unused email and set up a new acvount

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