how to add a tag?

I can’t figure out how to tag a new topic. I see how to add a category, but not a tag. Is there a guide somewhere?

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Hi mig,
I believe that a Moderator has to add the tag.
You could always request one.
If it is cooking related then either @naf or @biondanonima can help you out with your tag.


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I’m also wondering how to add a tag.
(Moderators: please add baking tag to my post “Nordic seed bread”)

Flag the post and request it.

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It is strange that you cannot provide your own tags. Discourse is quite configurable. I post on several other communities using Discourse, and in each of those, it is expected that you provide a one or more relevant tags for a new thread (so much “expected” that a mod will chew on your tail, politely of course, if you do not do so - but they are not required to start the thread).

@CaitlinM offers the best solution, so far as I know, for this iteration.

If you are new, I believe you have to earn the right to add tags.
Also, when you are new you can only post to 2 categories (communities).
A mod has to do the rest is my understanding.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Honestly, I think of Flagging if the comment is inappropriate, hijacking to sell a product so more of a negative context.
I wouldn’t have thought of flagging a post yet I did notice there is a section called something else - requires staff attention.
When you are new sometimes more information is better.

I’m newish (here) but am able to post comments across many categories, so I’m not sure if that original restriction (only a couple of categories) is still in place. It may have been relaxed?

Regarding flags as you mention, all of the Discourse communities I’m in do have that option, but I’ve never flagged a post. Usually a really egregious post will generate sufficient commentary from more reasonable posters that it becomes a moot point.

But back to your point about the portion of the flag option that is “Requires Staff Attention” - I think you’re right. This might be the best way to tell the mods that you (I mean “you” as a new thread maker) want them to apply certain labels/tags to it.

Could someone clarify if some amount of tenure/posts “earns” one the right to tag a discussion and if so, what is that threshhold?

Ok so, I usually just go to the Homepage and do title and category.

Like this:

This is what comes up once I tap create New Topic where there is no tag option:

If you click on Cooking Discussions Header:

Then it will take you to this page where you can add a tag:

It works on Culture and Media etc.
Please see if this works for you.

I wish that I had an answer to your question.
I’m not sure how it works as I am new too and perhaps have graduated to be able to use tags?

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