How the coronavirus is killing China's restaurant industry

Beijing’s restaurants and cafes have been hit particularly hard. A survey commissioned by the Beijing Catering Industry Association and posted this week found that nearly 70 percent of them remain closed in the city, which has slowed to an eerie crawl.

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In China, many restaurants and companies will close.

Actually even in France, since the outbreak of coronavirus, the business of Chinese restaurants in Paris drops by 40 - 50%. But thing is going to change, the propagation of 22 confirmed cases today especially in Oise means that even all types of restaurants will suffer.

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I was at a Chinese restaurant last Saturday during dinner time. There was only one other table out of a restaurant that seats about 50. The server told me they had lines out the door before the outbreak in China.

Is there any outbreak in your city?

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I think there are a few cases in our area of a few million people.

That’s pretty safe to eat in that restaurant, people are far enough.
The one rule from the article:

a rule requiring people to sit at least one meter, or more than three feet, apart and not face each other while eating

The SF and Oakland Chinatowns are almost ghost towns, and I’ve been trying to support them when I can. At the bakery I like to go to, the owner’s been pushing me to buy a lot more than I want, but I know his business is suffering. The NY Chinatowns aren’t doing much better from what I hear. It doesn’t help that the local Chinese residents are also staying away from places, especially large banquet halls.

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We don’t have Chinatown in our city of 95k, but we did have a case of coronavirus. Saud to have nothing to do with the folks quarantined in the next town over.

We don’t eat out often and are probably unconsciously scaling back. Interestingly my favorite Chinese restaurant was jammed when I went past last Friday evening.

I worry most about airplanes and grocery stores.