How much caffeine is in your coffee (UK)

I’ve always been a Costa fan (and never liked Starbucks). Here’s probably why

Interesting. I tried Starbucks a few times years ago and never felt the need to return–I drink my coffee black and am also not a fan of espresso, cappuccino or really anything other than black coffee. Apparently plain strong coffee is not Starbucks’ niche.

I almost always brew my own coffee at home. But when out and about I will pick up a cup from Wawa (a regional chain with its roots in the suburbs of Philadelphia). I just looked it up and see that their 16-oz (473 ml) regular coffee has a whopping 290 mg of caffeine. No wonder it’s so popular here. If forced to order fast food coffee, I prefer McD’s, which I now see has 145 mg of caffeine per 16 ounces.

Your question led me down a rabbit hole to this site

Apparently given my weight and high tolerance for caffeine I should limit my Wawa coffee to 1.5 cups per day. That’s fine, but then what do I drink in the afternoon?

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I keep some instant “decaf” in the pantry for late afternoon and evenings.
It might be the “placebo effect” where my brain thinks its getting the real stuff and its content.

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Even decaf has caffeine, just not as much.

You are correct.
I think there is enough caffeine in there to trick my brain, but not enough to disturb my sleep pattern.

I have accidentally purchased decaf coffee. It tastes OK, but it doesn’t really hit the spot.

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The fancy coffee artisan expert guys say that premium, tastier, expensive coffee is lower in caffeine

It’s bad coffee that tastes bad that has high caffiene

that sounds counter-intuitive and stuff but that’s what the experts coffers say

And it tastes like licking an ashtray, to boot. I just grind and brew my own, without embellishments.
It’s always such a pleasant surprise to be served a good cup of just plain old coffee - anywhere.

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I’ve always found Starbucks to be very bitter, in comparision with other coffee chains in the UK.

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I home roast so caffeine levels can vary based on the bean and the level of roast. Lighter roast will have more caffeine than a darker roast in general