How José Andrés Is Helping Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

"According to José Andrés Twitter feed, the politically active, outspoken chef arrived in San Juan on Monday (26 Sep), taking residence at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, cooking meals alongside members of his nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen. "


He is an amazing person. Humble, yet outspoken about social injustice, and he puts his money where his mouth is. :heart_eyes:

(I want to be snarky about Chang, but I am not going to, because that would be wrong… :innocent:)


Thank you for sharing. I am in awe of what José Andrés is doing. I have been lucky to travel to Puerto Rico annually over the past 15+ years, and to me it looks like Chef Andrés has valuable know-how of what it takes to make an immediate difference on the ground. The way he’s bringing together resources and people–wow. And he seems to be scaling up the operation to feed more people in more communities.


I have been following his efforts on social media and I too am in awe of what he and his companion chefs have been able to organize and accomplish! His work for his adopted country leaves me humbled and grateful (and like a total slacker to be honest).

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