How do you wash your vegetables and fruits?

Thanks. I was just wondering if you are using hand soap vs dishwasher soap.

Chem is right. It’s a technical term that also allows them to market as something “good to use”. A bit like foods advertised as “gluten free” when it never have had any gluten in it normally. Or, foods advertised as “hormone free”, when the use of hormones was never permitted by law (relevent to the EU - I understand US permits regular use of hormones).

It is illegal to use hormones for chicken or pork. It is legal for beef, I don’t know why.

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While not directly related to this topic, I just saw this the other day and figured I would share it here.

I absolutely am not one of those people who is religious about organic produce, but i do try to be sure those on the “dirty dozen” list i do buy organic- and strawberries are towards the top. And then i just rinse them

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I agree. I try to get organic stuff, especially lettuce. But if the only radicchio I can get is non-organic, I get it anyway. But with strawberries I’m stubborn.

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Well, if you’re going to eat it raw then I guess that washing might be a good idea, but I mostly cook chicken!

The splash factor means that packaging on raw chicken in the UK discourages washing, and how about then picking up the seasoning containers with chicken tainted gloves?? Lovely.

Most everything is just washed before using. I’m still here