How Do You Roll? Eggroll ideas

just stumbled over a recipe for smoked turkey and collard green egg rolls:


NIce find. Thanks for adding the link.

I’ve been pondering this topic at odd moments during the day (and night); I’m thinking that a decent number of traditional empanada fillings might make for decent eggroll fillings. They’d a least be fun to try!

And that idea ended-up being looked at and led to this interesting piece on Serious Eats about different empanadas:

And here are some filling recipes:

And here are some more:


:+1:Wow, eggroll solid gold! Def worth further investigation!

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In DC metro area, there is a place called Julia’s Empanada
They are quite famous and has many different kinds
Ground and Chopped Beef, Raisins, Hard Boiled Egg, Kalamata Olive, Onions, & Spices.
Chicken, Potato, Green Peas, Hard Boiled Egg, Manzanilla Olive, Onions, & Spices
Ground and‏ Chopped Beef, Potato, Onions, Curry, & other spices.
Spanish Sausage, Black Beans, White Rice, Onions, & Spices.
Spinach, Mozzarella‏ Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Onions, & Spices.
Turkey, Spring Onions, Cilantro, Jalapeños, Tumeric, & Spices
When we are in that part of town, we often get a few of each… I believe they also have a sweet one…



tried out the baking method this weekend with a mashed potato-ground turkey-onion-thyme filling. was a bit of a mixed bag, as I think I undercooked most of the rolls at ~16 minutes at 375, and overfilled the wrappers so a lot of them burst open. (I bought WAY too mny potatoes at the farmer’s market because they looked so good and I was trying to use it all!). my last batch I did for the full 20 minutes and they came out much better, though there were still some that busted open.

I def. prefer the deep fry, but I think the baking thing is worth more exploring as it’s so much easier and (i guess…) healthier. will try again with fillings that I don’t overdo and will go for the full 20 minute cook for the wrappers I can get easily.

All my mishaps when I first started. I dont overload, I seal the rolls with a water cornstarch slurry, I brush both sides of the roll with grapseed oil and bake on brown paper til crisp. I dont fry because I think the fry oil taste overpowers the filing.

I had leftover lobster meat and prepared a quick batch of rolls tonight. I only used a bit of lemon juice, chopped celery, and just a touch of kewpie mayo mixed into the crumbled lobster. In order to not overdue cooking the lobster I raised the oven temp.