How Do You Pronounce Salmon?

Inspired by the Go Nutz topic, thought it might be interesting to see how different people pronounce salmon. I always say it with the L silent, how about you?


I’ve never heard it pronounced differently.

Although my accent means it comes out as sam-en

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sam-on silent L but I hear Jacques Pepin say SaL mon

Interesting. I have heard of Pepin but have never heard him speak. You’d have thought that the pronunciation of the French word was very similar to the common pronunciation in English (without the “L”).

Sammin. I’ve often heard people of South Asian descent pronounce the L. And refer to it as salmon fish, also.


I think his is one of those oddities of speaking a second language…there’s an L there, so it must be pronounced, is the assumption.

Pepin has lives in the US for decades but still has a pronounced accent. You can hear him here:

I have German friends who struggle with a few words…Know is always pronounced k’no…because you always pronounce K, and naked always sounds like baked.

I pronounce it sammon,by the way.

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We have a German colleague whose last name is Knoblich. For months many of us pronounced his name No-blik. He corrected us to K-no-blik. :sweat_smile:

I’ve always pronounced it as sam-min too. When someone says sal-mon, I strangely think of Salman Rushdie the author.