How do you make New Topic go away ?

The one in the bottom right hand corner of the screen . It blocks my view of the bottom two posters activity and views . I am at 125% zoom on my computer screen .


If you scroll down, I believe you should see those two rows.

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I know I can scroll down . It’s just annoying where it is , couldn’t it be at the top of the page next to the search function out of the way ?


The original New Topic button placement is problematic because as people scroll on the home screen or the topic list, the button only appears at the top of the page so people have to scroll back up if they want to start a new topic.

Hence the shift of the button position as well as making it always available.

Putting it at the top is also problematic because some narrower screen don’t have enough space to display the full button, as well making the top section cluttered.

I’ve made it smaller to block fewer texts, as well as added some translucency so the text underneath the button is still readable, if needed.

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Much better , Thanks

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