How do you like your old fashioned?

3-4 generous dashes of Angostura or other orange bitters
Evan Williams BIB
One Luxardo cherry and a little of the syrup – it’s all the sweetener I need


had one with rhubarb bitters this week.

i don’t mind some twists on this cocktail.

liked it better than the one with allspice dram etx.

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I cocktail waitressed at a bar called Bourbon back in the day. At home I usually drink Manhattans (preferably made with Carpano sweet vermouth - it makes a huge difference - and a good cocktail cherry).

I was taught that a classic Old Fashioned eschews whole fruit for just a strip of orange peel expressed over the glass and rubbed along the rim. At home I make them with whatever American whiskey is on hand - Evan Williams black label, Old Overholt/Rittenhouse Rye, or maybe something nicer like Four Roses small batch or Old Forester 1910. (But usually I prefer to savor nicer whiskies plain over a large rock.) I usually make a little demerara syrup and use aromatic bitters. After Dry January ends I’m excited to explore my new bitters sampler from Bittercube. The cherry bark vanilla is especially nice!

I also served in an old-school Austrian restaurant prior to the bourbon bar. I wasn’t confident in my cocktail making at that point and always ask the bartender to make the Old Fashioneds. He went the muddled maraschino cherry, orange slice, sugar cube, soda water route. (He was also a total nut job, but that’s beside the point.)


Were the topic centered on Manhattans, we’d say something like “Frequently enough, and made with rye.” (Were the drink ordered in a restaurant, we’d rinse the cherry in water glass before giving it to kid (already served Shirley Temple) in attendance.)

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In donut form, glazed!