How do you like your martini?

  • Gin
  • Vodka

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  • Olive(s)
  • Lemon
  • Nothing

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  • A lot of vermouth - I like it sweet
  • Dry for me - just a little vermouth
  • What is vermouth?!

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  • Dirty - but no brine
  • Dirty - and yes I add brine to my martini

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I’ve only recently discovered the allure of a martini, and I have already become quite opinionated as to my preferences. I like my martini dirty and dry, no brine. And gin of course - Tanqueray no10. And then Nouilly Prat Original Dry.

So, how do you like your martini?!
And what is your favourite gin/vodka and vermouth?

It’s always just been a alternate way of asking for a chilled triple vodka shot for me for less than the price of three shots and that’s how I prefer one.

I do less of this these days.

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No vodka, ever. Vodka’s just a tasteless way to get hammered. The only reason I’d get a vodka martini is for the rare occasion that I would like a dirty one, bc why waste perfectly good gin if you’re going to ruin it with olive brine… which - at least in my experience - is always added to a dirty martini. What else would make it dirty?

With so many old & new gins to choose from, especially at a bar with a good cocktail program, martinis are the best way for me to try them.

I like mine dry AF, but vermouth should be in there - otherwise you’re just drinking chilled gin.

I didn’t answer your question about twist (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange), olive, cucumber, or nothing, bc that totally depends on the gin. If you can get your hands on grilled olives - they’ll take your martini game to a whole other level :slight_smile:

Favorite gins in no particular order:

The Botanist
The Botanivore
Hendricks Summer Solstice
Drumshanbo Gunpowder
St. George
Bluecoat PA
Revivalist PA
Wild’s PA
Bloedlemoen (not for martinis, but makes a fantastic martinez)

I’m sure I’m forgetting at least 10 others, but that’s what happens when yer a gin head :wink:

As for favorite vermouth: Dolin or Noilly Prat.


My fav Martini:

1.) Add a small pinch of fresh lemon zest to 3 ounces Tanqueray London Dry and set aside.

2.) Fill cold shaker with cracked ice.

3.) Add 1 ounce refrigerated M&R dry vermouth, cover and slowly rotate 180° back and forth 3 times.

4.) Strain off vermouth with a light tilt just until stream stops (don’t let it drip).

5.) Add fine mesh strained gin, cover, shake, and strain into frozen martini glass… garnish with one or two skewered Mezzetta Spanish Queen olives.



I’m a Filthy Vodka Martini person. Also, I like my martini to be vodka and to be full of lots of blue cheesed olives and brine. I don’t tend to do a lot of cocktails anyway, but my tastes lean savory for the most part (except for the occasional pina colada).


How do you make a dirty martini without brine? The brine is the “dirty” part.

Right now, I’m drinking Greenhook. I am also partial to Hendricks, Plymouth and Booker’s.


Learned this from my trip to San Francisco, Tadich Grill. They would have two olives balancing on your glass, so with every sip you’ll get just a slight dose of dirtiness… It’s subtle…


Well, that’s just a martini with olives. Pretty standard serving method.


The only way to have a dirty martini is with vodka :wink::cocktail:


But there was no brine in the glass. Just gin, vermouth, and then a touch of an olive.

I’ll try it. Vodka is also cheaper than good gin…

Right. So it’s not a dirty martini. By your definition, adding an olive to a martini makes it a dirty martini (obviously a little brine gets into the gin, from the surface of the olive). Except it doesn’t. It just makes it a martini with an olive garnish.

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I like my martini with Aria gin, any French or Italian dry vermouth and two pimento stuffed olives.

Everything must be very cold. I store my gin and my cocktail shaker in my freezer. I store my vermouth and my olives in my refrigerator. I chill my martini glass in the freezer while my husband makes my martini.

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Oh, chilled glasses are a must.


BTW - yuuuuge omission in your poll: shaken or stirred?

For me it’s ALWAYS stirred so as to not fuck with the delicate components that make gin so wonderful.

A vodka martini can be shaken for all I care, since I’ll add big, fat blue cheese-stuffed olives and some brine :smiley:

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Gin. Beefeater but any London dry will do. Dry AF, as Natascha says. M&R vermouth, I don’t like assertive vermouths that change the taste of the gin. Olives or cocktail onions which really makes it a Gibson. Stirred. Truth be told, I prefer gin rocks, I like my gin.

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I love the martinis my PIC makes, but there def are some gins worth sipping on the rocks.

But I guess you’ve figgered that out a while ago, going by your handle :wink:

Yup, many, many years.

Lately I’ve been liking my martinis 4:1. Pretty standard recipe - in a mixing glass, add a few dashes orange bitters (I use Angostura orange bitters), 2 oz gin, and half an ounce of Dolin dry vermouth. Add ice and stir 40 seconds or so, strain into preferably chilled glass. I usually like it with a lemon twist, expressed over the drink and dropped in, but sometimes I’ll do an olive instead.


There is only one recipe for me, the Winston Churchill

  1. Add gin to a mixing glass full of ice and stir to combine.
  2. While stirring glance occasionally at a bottle of vermouth from across the room.
  3. Pour into a chilled glass.
  4. Garnish with a single cocktail olive.

Current Gin: Venus Gin No. 01