How do you like your eggs cooked ?

I like mine over easy , but tonight I fried them in butter sunny side up . Crispy edges with the white puffing up around the yolk . Finished with a little coarse salt and black pepper . The yolk was soft and runny . Could be a game changer for me . I do love my eggs Benedict :yum: . How many ways can you cook eggs . Lot’s .omelettes , hard boiled , soft boiled ,… So cooking at home or out to eat . How do you like your eggs ?

I love eggs pretty much any way… as long as the whites are cooked. No spermy eggs for me, please.

Other than that – scrambled, hard-boiled, soft-boiled served in a proper egg cup, fried sunny side up, deviled… 's all good.


While the food world has taken its share of jabs at fried egg topped anything, I dig it!

If it werent for eggs I would have been far hungrier during college. Eggs are the most satifying food in my book.

So all of the above, plus tossed into very hot cooked spaghetti with good parm shaves, cracked onto pizza during the last bit of cooking time , cooked in tomato sauce, with pork roll and cheese, quiche, eggs bakes with spinach and mushrooms, breakfast burrito, with bologna…and so much more.

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I love them any way, as long as both whites and yolks are fully cooked. Runny yolks just do not do it for me. Even carbonara can sometimes be a little off-putting for me due to the quantity of yolk.


I agree on the yolks and carbonara. When I make it (I just did last night), I toss the spaghetti into the pan I used for frying the bacon and set the heat minimally low. When I add the scrambled eggs, I use a spatula to keep them from sticking and stir vigorously with a spatula until the eggs are more custard like, kind of like a savory creme anglais. Adding grated romano while stirring also absorbs some of the runniness.

Over medium, scrambled, poached, basted, hard boiled, omlettes, fritatta, quiche, baked, and fried- as long as the whites are set and there are no crispy plasticky edges I’m a fan. I pick up a flat of 30 eggs at the farmers market every week or two.

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'Spermy eggs" I never thought of them in just that way… I have to say I never really met an egg I didn’t like. Just to add one not yet mentioned - egg salad on pumpernickel.


Egg Salad - good one! I went to Central Market today - their egg salad has tempted me over and over and I saw it again today but didn’t go for it. I’ll be back.

I like eggs over easy, with crispy edges. I discovered the latter by accident just a couple of years ago while learning to use my new induction burner. After years of trying to avoid that, it was a revelation. I like 'em poached, hard-boiled, deviled, in quiches, fritattas, as migas, in breakfast tacos and burritos, in curry or sambal, etc. etc. etc.

I have never had a Scotch Egg but I want to try one. Also have never had Shakshouka, though I live close to several Israeli/Kosher restaurants that offer the dish - I just almost never eat breakfast out except when traveling.

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