How do you know when you've ordered too much delivery?

Me calling [pizza place}

[pizza place] pick up or delivery?

Me: delivery

[pizza place]: 1xx xx drive? (yes, I know they all track my address quite easily).
[pizza place] Hi Kim!

Me: Cheesesteak, lite onions.

[pizza place]: With fries and cheese on the side?

They also know when I order an Italian hoagie it comes with garlic knots.

I really have to start cooking more at home :nauseated_face:


Actually what is more scary, they have all your very private information. :sweat_smile:


That’s why I pay cash :grinning:

:rofl: You should start to ask for free pizzas, loyalty pays!

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I had a story to tell based on the thread title. It pales by comparison to your story. I bow to you.

Don’t feel bad, the software probably pulls up your order history :joy:

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When they ask you how many people you need utensils for and it’s just you. Today when I said “one” the lady taking my order said "Wow! That’s a lot!


We order from the same Chinese place once a week. Maybe a second time if coming from the bar. Two weeks ago, I finished placing my order on the phone and the lady says, “No boneless spare ribs tonight?”. I had forgotten!

THAT is when you’ve reached the point of too much delivery! :laughing:


Wow, for a food site we all order too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would say my bf and I cook 5 nights a week. Then we have Chinese takeout one night and another night for going out or ordering something else. Our new conflicting schedules make it tough for going to restaurants often, which is something I am getting used to (as a food blogger/restaurant reviewer).

What, delivered food isn’t food?

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It is food, but I suspect we can do better :thinking:

I have access to a lot of very good delivery. I’d like it to be faster, but better? Nope, it’s fine.

Nah…we are talking about quantity, not frequency. I don’t order often, but when I do, I have high hopes, and go big!

FWIW, this time was a disappointment, but it wasn’t the worst thing that happened that day. Come to find out husband got lunch from some place WAY better, but he traveled WAY farther that day than I did.

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Takeout tonight: how many sets of chopsticks would you like?
Just one, thanks, just the one…