How do YOU cook ribeye cap steak?

Consumers like tender steaks. If the Choice cuts at $12.99 eat like the Prime at $21.99, fewer people will splurge on Prime.

Frankly, the Choice/Prime distinction isn’t all that. Beef are graded by the USDA inspector based on the visual of a single cut between two ribs.

Next time you’re in a market that has both, sort through the Choice bin. Find a package with really good marbling. Schlepp it over to the Prime bin and compare. You’re likely to find that the cherrypicked Choice pack is as marbled as the average Prime pack. I’m not saying Costco is passing off…

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I always peruse the choice cuts first to find the ones that look like they should have been labeled prime. :joy:


My FIL used to buy their blade tenderized steaks. They are tender, but it also really screws up the bite/mouthfeel.

Pick your poison. At least Costco doesn’t gas its meat with carbon monoxide…

Today at one of my local Costcos, they had a single package of ribeye cap, priced at $22.99/lb. It was between whole ribeyes and capless ribeyes, both priced at $21.99/lb. All had the label indicating they’d been needled.

I would have purchased the package of caps had there been either two or four on the tray, but as there were three, and we are a household of two, I didn’t want to have to any math whatsoever. Maybe next month when Spawn1 comes home for a few days…

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Wagyu cap (blade tenderized) today at the Livermore Costco. $34.99/lb. $50 bucks for two caps, no thanks.

Just flashing our membership (credit) card no longer suffice to gain entry. We had to swipe our card to enter today, a first.


I was going to say the drive to Stockton would be well worth it just for the cheaper cap, but yours is American wagyu (whatever that is). I’m pretty sure the label didn’t specify any kind of wagyu in Stockton. ISTR it said ‘prime’, but I think I’d remember wagyu.

Probably not worth the premium, as ribeye cap is so marbled and delicious at any grade. If i could buy it choice grade at a discount, i would.

In unsophisticated blue collar Central Valley Sacramento we haven’t seen the likes of Wagyu at Costco.

In sophisticated San Francisco, we bought this Choice 20lb’er @ $6.77/lb (member discount + digital coupon). :slight_smile:

$135 and change. Broke out two roasts and some ribeye steaks . Cap on and delicious, especially for the price.


Sometimes at my Costco, a butcher will repackage two steaks for me if I ask nicely.

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For a time, Costco carried frozen(!) Wagyu A5 tenderloins. Maybe still?

There’s always Wagyu A5 at my Costco, tenderloin, ribeye, NY strip, etc.

脖仁(boren ):it is a piece of meat on the neck of a cow with marble-like lines, accounting for only 1% of a whole cow. After cooking 4-6 seconds, it tastes very fresh, sweet and crisp.

I re-watched the episode on beef hot pot from flavorful origins on Netflix.