How do you clean persistent grease/ oxidation off a vintage aluminum kettle?

Done! After half a day of soaking in water with a bunch of Dawn and about 45 minutes of scrubbing, the kettle is looking as clean as ever! Thanks everyone!


That looks great!
Aluminum is underrated, that’s a good kettle.


If you use this, grease will slide off. I use it for removing jar labels, grease, oil slicks, etc.


Nice looking kettle

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Wow, that looks really great! I love the knob. That attention to detail just doesn’t exist any more.

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I’ve used the original Goo Gone (made for removing glue, wax, crayon, “the sticky” from labels and tape, and so on) but hadn’t heard of this one. The original works great for its purpose but of course has a very strong chemical smell (xylene? some necessary chemical for its function anyway) - the degreaser doesn’t smell like THAT, does it? I don’t want to serve Magic-Marker-scented food. :slight_smile:

Good point. You will still need to wash the degreaser down with liquid soap. Goo Be Gone smells like oranges.

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Scent wise, orange is definitely better than xylene.

From their MSDS for the original:

Their kitchen degreaser has different ingredients:

So I think the Original formula is the one with the orange scent.

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This is what I have.