How do you celebrate your birthday? Favourite restaurant, favourite foods? Takeout?

Online, yes. Good? I’m not so sure.

I had an aunt who was from Germany and was a fabulous baker. Unfortunately she is no is no longer with us and she didn’t pass that gene to her children :sob: :sob:

Ouch - sorry to hear that! But it’s a heck of a lot better for the liver than, say, acetaminophen/paracetamol. On an average basis, that is - obviously not in your case, though.

On the flip side, ibuprofen’s harder on the kidneys than acetaminophen.

But either is a rare thing for me, anyway. Just times when I over-do it.

There is a wonderful, authentic Italian restaurant that we have been going to for 25 years. Unfortunately, they closed for two year. But now I’m thrilled that they are open again 3 days a week. I can not wait to have their heavenly gnocchi for dinner on Saturday. I will not eat gnocchi anywhere else. Hopefully the chef’s wife will have baked some rum cake :wink:


Or kidneys. It shouldn’t be so freely “prescribed”. It comes back to bite you after years of use.

Nice resto. Both meals sound idyllic.

Last Sunday my wife turned 50, I mean 49. I wanted to surprise her and take her to one of her favorite places that has patio service on the Mississippi river in La Crosse, WI. Great food, all that. I get home to the counter filled with Chinese takeout boxes. Had Chinese that night. Had to live without the rack of lamb I was going to order.

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Maybe she was in the mood for Chinese?

You couldn’t take her to out some other night to celebrate her birthday with the rack of lamb you wanted?

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Extend her birthday to this weekend and enjoy the rack then. :slightly_smiling_face: Her birthday, she calls the shots on what she wants to do.


Especially with that milestone birthday!

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Just knocked another birthday out in late July. The older I get, the more times I celebrate it - 3 dinners so far, and one to go. Yay me! :birthday:

On the actual day, filet and a small lobster tail. 2nd b-day with DD2 and SIL, bbq at home, ribs and citrus chicken, an excellent charred corn, scallion and cotija salad. Thursday night, a casual dinner outside at a restaurant overlooking a golf course, but no pics. Good food, libations & company. Up next dinner at a favorite Thai place w/DD’s - date to be determined.

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