How do I navigate from the bottom of a thread to the top?

Using the slide bar on the right hand side of the screen is tedious when I want to go from entry 768 up to entry 1. Is there a shortcut to do this?

So far 2 ways, if you don’t want to use that annoying slide bar.

1/ Use search on top of the page, type the title of thread and choose it, you will go to thread no. 1.

2/ Go the url bar of your navigator,

Delete the last number, in this case it’s 769

It will become:*

and press return on your keyboard, that’s it.

Note that I add the * symbol at the end of the address so you can see the real address, if not the forum software will convert it directly into a link with the title of the thread. Please just ignore the * in both examples.


Great tip and thanks, for asking RedJim. I’m going to check that out right now!!

Edited to say - it worked!!! Great!!!


Terrific. Thank you for your reply, naf.

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Take 195 south for 47 miles
Take Exit 196 “Towards Top of Thread”
Stay right at the light
Go 3 blocks
Turn left
Go about 7 & 1/2 miles
Pass the Piggly Wiggly
Go through 2 lights
You will see the top of thread on your right hand side.


Those Piggly Wigglys are great landmarks. :wink:

Thanks @naf




Or just listen to @naf !!!

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I’m really surprised at you - this is a food forum!

You didn’t tell him about the little church run BBQ place on the next block - only open Saturdays from noon until they sell out!


I haven’t checked this on my PC but on my iPhone i click on the post number (780/780) at the bottom right. That brings up the first post. Then I click on the post title and I’m taken to the top of the full thread. This works from anywhere in the thread


Fwiw, I navigate to the s/n of the member who started the thread or to the s/n comment I last responded to.