How do I get my photo to appear with the title in the list of discussions

(Gwenn) #1

It happened by itself on my supermarket pet peeves post, but I just posted about Locali pizza in Mt. Kisco with a picture and it only appears in the body. Thanks!


If the first post of a topic has a picture, the photo thumbnail will appear in the list of discussions.

(Gwenn) #3

The first post has a photo but the picture is not there. Does it take time?


It has a photo.

(Gwenn) #5

Yes, supermarket pet peeves does but my new post - Locali Pizza Mt. Kisco doesn’t. And I uploaded a photo in the post.


There is a problem with the photo. I can’t see it. Maybe re upload it again.


(Gwenn) #7

Thanks. That worked!!!