How are we defining "Greater Philadelphia"?

Thanks for separating the Philly area from DC and Balto. I would assume that greater Philadelphia includes all of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties as well as Philadelphia. But what about northern Delaware (above the canal)? And what about the NJ counties across from Center City?

I agree the 5 counties of SE PA all belong. Northern DE is also a pretty logical fit. The Southern Jersey counties are more problematic, especially as CH had a dedicated NJ board. When I lived in the city, many restaurants in Camden or Burlington counties were certainly closer/more convenient than restaurants in Delaware and Chester counties. Now that I live in Montgomery county I could argue that Lehigh and Lancaster counties are more accessible than anything in NJ.

In short, I don’t know how we define “Greater Philadelphia.”

I live considerably closer to Lancaster than I do to Bucks and some parts of Montco, but I wouldn’t consider Lancaster to be a part of the Greater Philadelphia region. For the same reason, I also wouldn’t include Lehigh or Berks counties.

Oh no, I didn’t mean to suggest Lehigh and Lancaster counties belong in Gretaer Philadelphia. I was using those counties to illustrate the problematic Southern Jersey counties. When I lived in Philly, those Jersey counties were part of “my” greater Philadelphia. Now that I’m n Montgomery County, they’re no longer on my radar . . .I’d be just as likely to travel to Lancaster or Lehigh (although Southern Jersey has the better restaurants :wink:

I guess that’s a problem inherent with regional boards. Much of S. Jersey can be considered part of metro Philly while much of N. Jersey can be considered part of metro NYC. (Where is that invisible interstate line when you leave Eagles territory and enter Giants territory?) And I’m sure NJ residents would prefer their own “board.”

And is northern Delaware part of metro Philly, while southern Delaware belongs to MD or Baltimore? Sigh . . .regions are so relative.

It’s hard to say where lower (slower) Delaware belongs. As for NJ, that invisible line that separates the Eagles and Giants is probably an accurate boundary (somewhere around Exit 7?), but if NJ residents would prefer their own board, that’s probably how it should be. I can’t imagine that would present a problem.

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The same conversation is taking place on FoodTalkCentral, with different results. DE stands alone and so far, no decision about where NJ stands.

I suppose it will all shake out as the sites grow and we see where the volume of postings trend.

Lower slower begins officially at the Canal, but realistically it starts where the tracks cross Rt 896 in Newark. After that its all truck stops and beer.

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I would give Camden County and Burlington to Philly - Certainly Collingswood, and Cherry Hill are part of the metro area and have a lot of crossover in the market -

I think it will self define by what people feel is Greater Philly and post there -


I think the one area that was not talked about are the NJ sides of the Delware across from Bucks… Trenton up to Milford which encompasses Lambertville, and Frenchtown are frequently cross posted… and deserve to be included as much as any of the other parts of the area… Of course you could just use a tag and cross post …

We need to split the Smaller Philadelphia from the Greater Philadelphia. We should also split Fish Town and University City away. They can have their own boards…etc. I will give it some thought of how to divide up more boards.

I want boards for East, South, & West Kensington as well as one for Port Richmond and another for Bridesburg

and cheesesteak needs its own board entirely after all tomorrow is the first annual cheesesteak fest


Absolutely, if beer, wine and tea and coffee have their boards. Why not cheesesteak? Cheesesteak (Philly of course) is far more important. Many people could have starved to death without cheesesteak. You cannot say that for beer, wine, tea, and coffee.

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And while we’re at it, Philly area BYOs ought to have their own board. Of course, that would include places like Lambertville and Marlton. Or would it?