How about the greater Washington D.C./Baltimore area?

There is certainly a lot of food and dining going on around the Beltway. Why not a new board to cover this area?

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I don’t think there’s enough members from the region on this board. I use Chowhound for that. Even there it’s pretty much two dedicated folks keeping it alive.

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Pretty much what @bmorecupcake said. There used to be a Baltimore DC board but we saw very little activities.

A big chunk of the nation’s food and dining scene is taking place around D.C. And I believe: If you build it they will come…


I’m interested in a DC area board, especially if it includes Northern Virginia.

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Anyone else interested? ideally we would want more than 2 or 3 persons to begin a board, because that’s extremely challenging to get discussions going.

I will be visiting the DC area next month and always enjoy scheduling some dining out around the Beltway. There is so much of it. When I went to HO to start a discussion and research, I realized there was no board for it…so unfortunately, I have to do so elsewhere.
P.S. I am from the metro NY area…

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing? I’d sure love to know where on the Eastern Shore folks are going for hot, AYCE steamed blue crabs and cold beer these days. There isn’t even a place to post the question.

Let’s “Make The DC Board Great Again”!! (Sorry couldn’t resist) I’ll get hats made!!!

St. Michaels, Maryland right on the Chesapeake has a few bustling spots offering AYCE steamed crabs by the bucketful. Complimentary mallet and paper towels to boot…

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I’d be interested in a Chesapeake regional board and I’d do my best to contribute, though I’m more into home cooking than dining out. I could whine about my CSA giving me kale four times or something. :wink:

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Might as well use this thread as a window to No. VA/DC/Baltimore and the Beltway. Just returned from a wonderful July 4th week in the area and had some memorable food moments. Great BBQ from Whole Foods Smokehouse in Fairfax, VA., their concept store. The brisket melts in your mouth. A return visit to Michel Richard’s Central on Pennsylvania Ave. in DC was delish. Their Napoleon and Banana Split are still wonderful desserts. New hotspot Hank’s Pasta Bar in Alexandria was quite good, too. My gemelli carbonara was very flavorful with a side of broccoli rabe. Crab cake lunch at Phillips in Baltimore Harbor was good, but somehow this big new space does not do it for me. Service was friendly but haphazard. Enjoyed it more when it was located on the other side of the inner harbor. Also revisited The Boatyard in Annapolis for some good down home local fare. My fish & chips were great.
Oh, yes. Then there was the sight of a group of women playing Mah Jong in the community area of Wegman’s in Fairfax.


I’ll have to try Hank’s Pasta Bar.
I’ve never been a fan of Phillip’s, mostly due to the service and atmosphere.

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Yay, a rogue DC/Baltimore board! Also do not like Phillip, but because of the food. It’s possible they’ve refined their food preparation in the last couple years, though. I haven’t been in a long time.

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Oh yes, we had a nice brunch with DC friends at Bidwell in the bustling Union Market up on 6th NE. I like Union Market and its variety of food purveyors. The old Eastern Market not far from there is nice too with the flea market attached, more of an old fashioned feel…

I moved from Boston down to Charlottesville and just wanted to put my hand up for a regional board. :raised_hand:

I have enjoyed my trips to Charlottesville, and the dining scene there has been growing. There is the wine trail, too, including Trump Winery, that’s right! Not talking politics here, the place is beautiful and the wines are quite good as well.
Thanks for chiming in, I would like to see this regional board happen!

I’ve been to over 100 Virginia wineries, and I would love to see a DC regional board where I could spew my opinions! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nova! Take me on a tour next visit. Yes, I want that DC regional board. There is a big map gap without it…

Its here!

If there are a few dedicated folks and some good discussions, I can try to do some PR to get some attention and bring more folks here.

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