How about some gourmet food markets in New Jersey?

Anyone have any good places for gourmet food markets (or supermarkets) in New Jersey?

For example, I’ve been to Delicious Orchards. They’ve obviously got fruits and vegetables, but they also have some gourmet foods as well. Sauces, condiments, jars of stuff, etc.

There’s also Bon Apetite in Princeton. They’ve got some good stuff, interesting Hungarian meats, lots of cheese. I’ve bought sliced truffles and whole truffles there once.

Johnson Farm off Route 70 (not sure of the town… going towards Cherry Hill from Manchester Township) is pretty nice too (and other farms like it, Malanga in Warren, NJ0.

Sickles Market in Little Silver, NJ (close to Red Bank) is pretty nice, but the food section is small.

National Wholesale Liquidators is pretty nice up in Lodi, but you have to check the dates on stuff. Different aisles are different countries.

I’m looking for other stuff to visit. Preferrably something that has a lot of different stuff. Maybe something that would take me a little time to walk through since I’m probably driving a good distance.

I’m not really looking for an Italian Deli (although I would like to find some Nduja in NJ). Italian Deli’s are all over and they carry mostly the same stuff. Flavorless fresh made foods, fresh store made cheese and pasta, sauces, etc.

More looking for some place that has more variety of gourmet foods. Doesn’t matter which section of NJ it’s in. I’ll travel. Doesn’t matter if it’s over the border say in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New York State. Long as it’s not in NYC.

Not sure if this is gourmet to you, but it’s definitely putting out some quality meat

@joonjoon knows of this Asian place up north that sells real kobe beef. Www.Mitsuwa.Com

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Try Montery Gourmet in Bernardsville.

@corvette_johnny I have been to Mitsuwa (as well as H-Mart, 99 Ranch, and a few others).

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Looks good. I’ll check it out when I’m up that way.

Have you ever been to The Claremont Tavern in Bernardsville? Really good Beer Mac & Cheese and it’s like $5 or something. Filling enough to be a meal on it’s own.