How about an old fashion NJ Diner burger.

Does anybody remember those big 8 - 10 oz Diner burgers made from fresh in house ground beef cooked to order on a light fluffy sesame seed bun with fries & a few jumbo in house breaded onion rings? Was this an old school Greek thing of the past. Getting harder to find.

I love all this burger talk.

I really enjoy the burgers at All Seasons - it might be 8oz, possibly less? But it’s pretty much unbeatable for the money. Five bucks and change gets you a Cali Cheeseburger (just the burger, pickle and cole slaw) with enough lettuce/tomato/onion/green pepper/etc to make a salad out of. A couple bucks more and you get fries and (I think) a few onion rings.

It’s a little bit farther away so I can’t make it as often but some times I find myself daydreaming about the burgers at Roadside Diner. It’s pretty much the perfect diner burger experience.

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Wtf about the Kennedy Fried Chicken burger you were just bragging about?

I spend a lot of time dreaming about burgers, apparently.

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Lmao focus Joon focus!

There are a hell of a lot of worse things to dream about than a perfect burger! Just ask JR :smiling_imp:

Is Roadside on Rt. 33 across from the auction? I haven’t stopped in there in many, many years.

Yes that’s the place! It’s been a while for me too.

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