How about a shout out to food stores, restaurants going the extra mile!

During this madness, some places are really going the extra mile making sure customers are safe and also keeping things civil. My first is a supermarket called DeCicco’s in Somers, NY. Amazing what they are doing. A gentleman greets you outside the store and offers disposable gloves. People inside respect boundaries. The salad bar is now stocked with whatever would have been on it but all individually portioned and in containers. Italian, French and other long loaves of bread are normally in open-ended bags are taped at that end. And see through barriers have been installed in between where two register lines would be together and where you pay. I would,have taken a picture but I couldn’t get my phone to work with the gloves on!

Has anyone else had a great experience to share?

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There is a restaurant in the Aquitaine region in France, it is closed to the customers due to quarantine law. The owner decided to continue to work with his employees to provide free delivery meals to the medical staff working in the hospital nearby. I think more and more initiative like this in each city to try to help the health sector.


Love that place- hadn’t heard of what they’re doing currently, as I live in central Jersey, but kudos to them. I’ll make sure to get there as soon as I’m up that way again.

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