How about a "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours" Board?

You would start a thread for “Pantry” or “Le Creuset” or “Chef’s Knife” or “Granite Counters” or “Collection of Olive Oils” or whatever, and users could post pics of their pertinent examples.

I mean, we can trust you guys not to get too juvenile and explicit right?


Just a thought.


I kind of like this idea, depending on the topic. I know we’ve posted pics of pantries in the past on the What’s for Dinner threads (I think over on the other site prior to HO) and it was interesting to see how others managed storing their food items in limited (and sometimes not so limited!) spaces.

Would be a good way to show others how you organize things, and give others some ideas for their renovations if they’re doing so.

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I agree but I don’t think a board is necessary, do you? Seems like existing boards would suffice. And would it be more useful for someone who’s looking for advice to start such threads.
PS: I don’t care for that title but I’m an old fogey.

How about this- please feel free to start a few of these threads. We’ll see how popular they are and how frequent new ones pop up.

I am a little worried that we’ll have a few threads on that board and the board just becomes a little stale after a while.

There’s already a lot of “show and tell” photography integrated into many of the threads on cooking and cookware. IMO, a special thread/board is superfluous.


OK OK, I’m over it.

Delete thread, ban user!

I vote to give you one more chance…one! (Joke)

Well since we’re on the topic who is going to be the first to show??? :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: