How a tweet about a chicken and a hair dryer got its own news cycle

“A few key elements prepped this tweet for its online tour. First, Rosner is already well-known in the food world and has a sizable Twitter following. Second, the Dyson Supersonic is a $400 hair dryer, and it’s easy to offend the people of the internet by spending your money in a way others wouldn’t spend their own — especially if it’s perceived as feminine or frivolous. (That’s why the phrase “$400 hair dryer” is headline-writer candy.) Thirdly, Rosner’s engagement with the tweet after the fact — retweeting joke responses, recipe attempts, and replies from particularly outraged men — keeps it alive.”

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I think I am more annoyed by this new culture of social media than someone using a $400 air dryer for drying a chicken.


I am in complete agreement with her statement that if Alton Brown or Kenji did this, it would be considered brilliant. And the $400 hair-dryer wouldn’t be a big deal, because, ya know, it’s a man tool, being used for manly pursuits, such as cooking an animal carcass.